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Acomplia – it’s a medication for treatment of obesity, active substance of which is Rimonabant. The active ingredient Rimonabant can reduce the appetite, thereby helping to decrease the consumption of large amounts of fatty food, in other words, it helps to lose weight.

Acomplia is prescribed to reduce weight in adult patients, who suffer from obesity and (or) excess weight, as a supplementary medical therapy combined with diet and exercises. Acomplia can be appointed for the weight loss to patients, whose obesity is associated with diabetes type II or dyslipidemia (abnormal amount of fat in the blood).

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What is the story about acomplia?

This is a new approach to the age-old problem of how to lose weight. Unlike earlier drugs, acomplia is designed to change the way the cannabinoid system works. Just as people are addicted to cigarettes, they can be addicted to eating. Acomplia is unique in that it both helps people to eat less and to quit smoking. It helps to kill the cravings people have to consume food and nicotine.